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Please take a moment to ready and analyze my TOU about my creations. Please not that All creations are covered under law, any person that does not follow my TOU will be fined and possibly sentenced in the court of law.

General TOU:

- Do not claim my work as your own.

- Do not redistribute anything on this site.

- Do not upload or put any meshes or objects on paysites The Sims Resource INCLUDED!

- Do not include any meshes in your zip, rar, oz, ect.

The Sims 2 TOU:

- Do not recolor any of my genetics or cosmetics.

- You may copy the alpha of my hair and use it for your creations but notify me before you do and give credit when you do.

- Do not modify any parts of my creations even when you include them in a mash-up or a recolor.

- Do not use my textures.

- All Sims 2 Content, Including: Pictures, Meshes made by me, Recolors made by me. Are under federal license in other words, my work is covered under law and any modifications with out my permission or theft will be settled in the court of law...

The Sims 3 TOU:

- Do not claim my models as your own.

- Do not use my stuff as bases.

- Give credit if any parts of my creations are used in your creations.

- Do not modify anything without my consent.

- Credit must be given in a link back to my site.

Contact Information:

PM me on Dreamwidth here.

Email me here.


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